RGB Music Pickup Rhythm Ambient Atmosphere Lamp


Simple apperance design, vivid music pickup rhythm control, ideal for home & car atmosphere creating.

The price is for the sample only, email us for the color selection & specific requirements. Wholesale service will be welcome to contact us by email: [email protected]

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Product Information

Product Name: RGB Sound Control Music Atmosphere Light
Material: ABS
Light Source: LED
32 LED: 18*1.5*1.8(cm)
40 LED: 22*2.5*2(cm)
3D 32 LED: 19*1.8*1.8(cm)

Power supply: 5V USB
Software support: environmental noise filtering, firmware update


Product Features:

● Built-in highly sensitive microphone (voice control)
● 32/40 colorful lamp beads
● No less than 8 display modes
● 4 levels of brightness adjustable
● 5-level speed adjustable
● 18 color modes adjustable
● Comes with AGC automatic gain control
● Exclusive intelligent de-noising algorithm, can be used in noisy environment



● MODE/SPEED key: Short press to turn white-select mode; long press to turn red-select 5 speeds
● COLOR/BRIGHT key: Short press to turn white-select color; long press to turn green-select 4 levels of brightness
● Press two keys at the same time: Press at the same time to turn blue-to learn the environmental noise spectrum
● Press and hold COLOR at the same time when power on: enter gain setting mode
● Power on (battery model only): Press the COLOR key after power off
● Shut down (battery model only): keep face down for 3 seconds

Package Included:

1x RGB Light
1x Plastic base
4x Transparent double-sided tape
1x Micro-USB power cord
1X manual


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